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Founded in Singapore during the peak of the pandemic, The Check brings the ultimate innovative technology to reinvent the way identities are managed. We provide a safe environment for identities to be created digitally; further verifying its validity using the identity owner’s biophysical data; and securely storing it on a centralised and unified location, accessible only by its authorized personnels from anywhere in the world, whilst effectively managing risk, security and confidentiality.

Using the world's first proprietary protocol that uses biophysical Know-Your-Customer (BKYC) technology, this will change the way identification checks are conducted definitively.

We are in close partnership with our developer company in the UK, and USA and combining technologies of IBM, Apple, Google, Microsoft, AWS.


The Check works with a span of trusted partners around world, including but not limited to:
IBM, ThKeeper, Apple, Google, Microsoft, AWS, Trulioo, RavenDB, etc.

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