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Our Story

Founded in Singapore during the peak of the pandemic, many countries experienced lockdowns and travel restrictions for an indefinite time. It was there and then The Check spurts out to be one of the most innovative technologies that reinvent the way identities are managed.


Started off initially as a solution to verify and validate individuals’ identities with appropriate medical records to commute around the world thus solving the global travel and tourism issues by collaborating with the key partners in the healthcare sectors. The Check further evolved to specialise in providing integrated solutions for businesses in the healthcare industry, mainly focused on allowing key personnel in the field to exercise operational decisions efficiently and securely. Giving birth to the world's first proprietary protocol that uses Biophysical-Know-Your-Customer (BKYC) technology.


The Check continues to strive in providing a safe environment for identities to be created, validated and managed, whilst effectively governing its risk, security and confidentiality.


Our mission is to create biophysical identities that can be used for the security, healthcare and finance sectors. All that compliant with the highest standards of security and data protection measures.

To be the world’s most trusted biophysical identity management solution provider.


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