Frequently asked questions

How do I scan my passport?

It’s easy and fast; just use your smartphone camera.

How does the service know I took a COVID-19 Test or vaccines?

All clinics and hospitals have to keep records of the persons tested for COVID-19, and will have the results in their database. This information is then linked to your ID or Passport number, so in just a few seconds, at your discretion, your health status is available for anyone to check.

Is the service secure?

We have the highest level of security clearance currently available globally, which is equivalent to military grade encryption.

Do you have the right to check my details and my medical records for COVID-19?

Your privacy and security is paramount, and completely in your hands. You have to authorize us before we commence with any checking. We keep a record of this authorization in a GDPG server hosted locally in your country. You have the right to ask us to delete this record at any time.

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