Made for Easy Travel

We have already discussed scenarios about how and when the pandemic will end, but we’ve also analyzed the ways that life will drastically change. One of the major changes we could experience is the introduction of an immunity passport. This new health document is gaining attention as a means to slowly and safely get things back to “normal”; or what we will consider normal post-COVID-19

Customer Journey 

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Our Story

We are a team that came together to tackle the growing challenge of managing cyber security, especially in economies that are just developing the necessary tech and digital infrastructures. We worked with the best minds and companies to develop an easy-to-use app that can provide military-grade level security with minimal cost and maximum efficiency

It's About People

It was our original intention to create this app as a tool to enable those in rural communities without access to banking facilities and services, to use this app as a step towards financial empowerment and progress. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world with such tremendous force, we immediately pivoted our idea to ease the burden of restricted travel which is now crippling not only economies and industries, but millions of people who have lost their livelihoods or are separated from their loved ones. 

It is our goal to ease this dire situation as quickly as possible, and to then also continue on with our journey towards financial empowerment and progress for those in rural communities and with limited educational resources. 

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