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We will help you move

Travel safely around our world
Fully transforms medicine abroad

TheSafecheck™ is a new service to support COVID-19 policy implementation and manage travel and 

Health KYC and risk management

Now is the time for us all – scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs and governments – to come together and address issues of how COVID-19 is going to impact society, and seek ways to ensure that we’re able to accelerate the great breakthroughs technology has the potential to deliver.

About Us

 Protecting the Frontline of the travel industry

Our Approch

Integrates ID verification with medical databases worldwide

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Travel certification for Covid test results/vaccine validation


Global prescriptions database to simplify medicine anywhere



We’ve put security and privacy at the very heart of the service, ensuring it is 100% General Data Protection Regulation  (GDPR) compliant, witch means all information sits encrypted in the Cloud, leaving nothing locally on the mobile.

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Protect the Frontline

There is an immediate and urgent need to harness and bring together all the various technologies and talents to quickly develop this software into a strong, viable solution for the combined multi-trillion travel and hospitality industries that are bleeding incredible losses by the minute. 

Our  Benefits

Global Solution

SaaS pricing model for potential markets

  • Governments – especially health and travel departments

  • Law enforcement – combats forgeries relating to: vaccination certificates/covid tests and prescription drugs

  • Border control at airports, airlines and shipping to check travelers

  • Medical insurance companies to prevent fraud and optimize coverage

  • Individual travelers access medicine + medical insurance abroad


Mobile Comprehensive​

Mobile-secure, configurable,  easy to integrate, reliable,  safe and cost-effective,

the app  can identify, vet and verify anyone, any passport, anywhere, anytime.

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