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Thesafecheck™ is a new app to support COVID-19 policy implementation and manage travel risk

Now is the time for us all – scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs and governments – to come together and address issues of how COVID-19 is going to impact society, and seek ways to ensure that we’re able to accelerate the great breakthroughs technology has the potential to deliver.

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 Protecting the Frontline of the travel industry

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We’ve put security and privacy at the very heart of the service, ensuring it is 100% General Data Protection Regulation  (GDPR) compliant, witch means all information sits encrypted in the Cloud, leaving nothing locally on the mobile.

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Protect the Frontline

There is an immediate and urgent need to harness and bring together all the various technologies and talents to quickly develop this software into a strong, viable solution for the combined multi-trillion travel and hospitality industries that are bleeding incredible losses by the minute. 

Our  Benefits

Global Solution

By creating the world's first software that integrates an app with global health/medical databases, whilst offering the highest levels of identity security currently available.

Mobile Comprehensive​

Mobile-secure, configurable,  easy to integrate, reliable,  safe and cost-effective,

the app  can identify, vet and verify anyone, any passport, anywhere, anytime.